Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Bonds of Hope


Date Posted: October 22nd, 2017, 3:29 am

Author Notes


Yap Aaaaaand it might turn out that the tribe will just divide by half lol
Question why isn't this a pmd game it has a good plot good characters and I would love someone to turn this into a actual pmd game I would buy it
@Neolancer: A few things actually:
One; Nintendo(and subsequently the pokemon company) would never allow weapons and blood in their PMD games, even if the blood is fairly minimal.
Two; While the story is interesting, to say the least, it is far too complicated for anyone under the age of twelve or so. With the weird dimension hopping stuff, it would confuse any small kid.
Three; I don't think Nintendo will be releasing a pokemon/fire emblem crossover game anytime soon, nor will that idea ever cross their mind(plz don't hurt me XD)
Four; the characters, oddly enough, don't take everything seriously enough to make a kids game out of it. Usually, rpgs that are directed towards children have main characters that take themselves serious to an extent that the characters in this story don't. This is most likely to keep kids enraptured by the story, and while the seriousness can sometimes seem ridiculous, it is directed towards children.
If you wanted to see this comic come to life, I'd suggest playing some sort of tabletop RPG with a similar setting and story.
(please feel free to ignore all of this. This is just the midnight ramblings of some nerd who thinks they know everything. Plz don't hold of this against me k thanks bye -^-')
@That1Geek: yea sadly your right but IF someone makes it as a fan game then I would play it because that's the only way that I see it as a game by it being rom hack or a fan made game but still I would buy just saying

And don't worry about your rambling I read the whole thing and considered all of it
@Neolancer: Honestly, consider grabbing some friends who also like this sort of thing and maybe build some sort of DnD campaign or something. There's plenty of tabletop RPG systems that could work well for this sort of thing, and it also gets people more invested, since they're using their own characters they created to build a story. Its really fun.

Also I still worry about my ramblings. Most of it is probably meaningless, or maybe I'm too smart to be dumb :/
@That1Geek: no ur ramblings are good they give me ideas thank you
@Neolancer: Theyre dumb tho >-<'
@That1Geek: no there not
@Neolancer: They are
I'm keeping this going
@That1Geek: 2 can play at that game
@Neolancer: Uh, shoot um..
I guess we'll blow up Kurtis' feed then, if that's how that works
@That1Geek: lets not I doubt he'll appreciate it
@Neolancer: Or he'll just think it's funny. That's how I feel when someone blows up my feed on anything social media, cuz its only bad if you get notifications for everything
@That1Geek: ehhh >:^)
@Neolancer: (^:< hhhe
I like that fan game idea
Hey pokemon conquest is a thing
And it is a fire emblem inspired mediavel RPG. Só yea
Also im working in the game só dont worry