Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Bonds of Hope


Date Posted: August 15th, 2018, 7:47 pm
I'm sorry

Author Notes

The Future “Don’t Cling to a Mistake Just Because You Spent a lot of Time Making it.” — Aubrey De Graf

I believe that I've spent years making a mistake. Making many mistakes. And I would not cling to them anymore. I'm making big changes, including ending Bonds of Hope, and here's why.

When I started writing in 2013, I was writing because I had a passion. I had a real drive for artistry. I wanted to write and create a universe. But as time went by, I lost that drive. I lost that passion. Even before Guardians ended, I was just going through the motions. One third of a page every day for five years. I continued because I knew that you, the viewers, wanted more. At the time that was enough for me to continue. And I love you guys, I really do, but eventually I have to think of myself too. I've recently been forced to take a step back and think about what I've done. Everything. I've been forced to stop and think, "Is this something that I can be proud of?" And the overwhelming answer is no. I've built so much lore built humongous leaps in logic. I've created such a jumbled mess of of a storyline that if you were able to find one contradiction, it would crumble. I've thrown samey, flat characters into the story because I liked their designs. Kurtis and Tag are basically the same character. Hiro and Terry are the same character. Pika and Alt Pika actually are the same character. Charles doesn't have a character trait other than "I'm Pika's father." Grace has no character whatsoever. The whole cast is just a mess of bad characters.

I haven't had any real control over my life in the past five four years. I've gone through the motions because that's what you have to do when you spend all your time thinking about one thing. You know now that Guardians took over my life, and that Bonds did the same. But the inability to control what I do spread to my personal life. I entered the animation program because my father chose it for me. I entered Skills Canada because my teacher signed me up. I'm working where I work because my father is the boss. I'm looking at the university I'm looking at because my mother did all the research on schools. I'm doing what I'm doing because that's what people told me to do, and what people expected of me. No longer. I'm taking control of my life back. Starting here and now.

I've cut myself off from everyone. You probably know that I don't respond to comments very often. I've only recently been sharing my thoughts on DA. When I have conversations, it's because someone else is leading them. Well, my real life is like that too. I've cut myself off from my friends and my family. I said once that I've got a serious persona in real life and that wasn't just a joke. I don't have people that I can talk to about anything. My family have isolated each other to the point that our relationship is more akin to roommates than a family. My friends keep themselves at such a distance that I'm sure it'd just turn into a joke if I actually told them how I felt. I'm not allowed to be sensitive because that's the environment that I'm in. That I've created for myself. And I can't handle it any longer.

For the last three or so years, I've been struggling with... I don't want to call it depression because I've never been diagnosed. I truly believed that my purpose was to write and inspire with Guardians of Hope and eventually Bonds of Hope. And once I had finished them... Well, my purpose would have been completed. I could walk off into the night and never return. For the last three years, I believed that suicide was my exit strategy. Once I finished the inevitable threequel to Guardians of Hope, I would end it. I had done the math. It gave me another ten years or so. Those thoughts came to the foreground of my mind because of an incident that happened recently. I'm not going to go into it, but it's what forced me to take a step back and think. Think about everything that I've done this last quarter of my life and if it was worth continuing. Not just Bonds of Hope, but my life. For both, I was really close to saying no. I was close to saying 'if I stop writing, then what's the point? People only care about me for what I do for them. No one really cares about me.' Then I spoke to my sister. She had gone through something similar in the past. She made me realize that it wasn't too late to change things. In all aspects of my life. I can take control of my life back. I can open up to everyone in my life and stop hiding behind a facade. And if Bonds of Hope was holding me back, it's time to let it go.

I'm not leaving, let's make one thing clear. I've been here for a long time, and I'm not about to go now. But I'm taking control of myself and my page again. I'm going to post things that I like, including some D&D related stuff. I'll start a new Mystery Dungeon comic. Something that I can be proud of. Something that I can look back on and say that it was worth doing. I won't force myself to meet deadlines. I'm going to start working on my my own life. For real this time. In the end, I know that a lot of you will be disappointed. But in the long run, Bonds of Hope was just unhealthy for me to continue. I know it will be hard to say goodbye. I'm still coming to terms with not writing my old characters anymore. But this is something that I have to do for me. It's time to move forwards.

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@TheMasterMaxwell: not the place man
I respect your decision
Its fine don't worry I get you. I wish you luck in future projects
I understand. Oh well
As much as I wanted to know how this ended. I respect your decisions
I'll be sad to see this end but I believe you made the right decision I believe in the same thing I was planning on writing my own art and you let me know that your art shouldn't control you.
It's always sad to see something get cancelled, but it sounds like it's definitely the right decision. Do what you need to do to get control of your life.
Seems like the right decision for you. You should never do something JUST for others. When it's something you have created, then you should be feeling proud of it. But when you don't feel like that, you should stop.

I wish you the best for the future and I'm looking forward to your new stuff.
It's true that it will be sad to see this end but you are right and in a way I know your pain because I can't control my life and it became harder when I lost touch with my emotions it is terrible in other words you made the right choice by taking control again
I see what you mean, I really enjoyed Guardians of Hope, but I only stuck with Bonds of Hope because I wanted to see what would happen when everyone gets back together. But I respect you desition, I just hope you will do more with the characters whenever you are ready to make a new PMD comic.
Good luck with your future :)

Hope everything goes well
well...i know that you made the right decision i might of done the same thing but don't isolate yourself or commit suicide it may look like a way out but you do have a family who would be devastated so basically don't die and live a life worth living and finally i'll respect whatever decision you make
welp have a good one cant wait to see what you do next (but i can wait if that's what you need)ok bye!!!
I understand thankyou for going this far and I wish you luck on the future.
mother of god ok the logic is sound
Alright. Its an understandable thing.
I wanted the ending but is YOUR universe and creation soo I have no power to say finish it. But I have power to say take breaks get inspiration from others and have a good life. Hope to see your work in the near future
@KurtisTheSnivy: okay so i had tried to stop myself from saying all of what i'm about to say but have to say this
for starters your first book was based on the first three games that came out 2012 right? it also was based on the main three humans in the games so the "everyone has on character whatsoever," is getting stop right now because you just started the this series and this book and the end of this book is (or were) going to make a huge character development when because it was the based from 7 years of the last book to now you can use that for your series to make them how they are today and if you and your family isn't talking because you shut them out you should stop that and get help from them how i wright is i draw my ocs by give them the a trait of what i am like my oc nightwatcher he as a huge anger problem that could blow up the world if hes not careful and ria he the side that wants to do good you use your surroundings to wright
It's a shame because I was really liking the story, but I'm looking forward to what you can bring later
Don't worry much about us. We all have problems and it seems that you have to sort a few by yourself. On the bright side, you'll have a little more time for yourself rather than forcing to push through with a storyline gone whack. You had a plan in mind but things didn't work so I guess a new blank paper is better than that of which is full of randomness... May the tides be on your side on this battle that is life.
Just wanted to say hi, and hope your doing well now.
Please do us all one more favor after all this hard work you put in for us and GET YOUR LIFE BACK! I don't care how long it takes until you're happy. Just please, PLEASE get back everything you lost and gain the things you have wanted, do it for YOU and us.
Felt like crying when i saw this
When/If you do make another PMD, pls post it on here(Smackjeeves). Also, I don't think the characters are boring. I think they are relatable and kind. I understand how you feel and I really hope for you that you don't have depression. Get back together with your family, bro! Just know that if you need us, your fans are here for you. I'll look forward to the new comic! If I may make a no-pressure suggestion, more of an idea, maybe a remake of Guardians? Seriously tho, if you even consider it, I will be very surprised.
I agree. You may think this is a huge mistake of a comic, but it’s not. The characters have depth, and there is just the right amount of romance + other genres besides action/adventure to keep it interesting. I really hope you or someone else does a remake of this comic, because it was so good, I actually had to shut down for a while to recover. You are a genius writer and author, Kurtis, you really are. I respect you desicion, though. You have a life, priorities, and such. Emphasis on life!!! Don’t throw it away; your life has touched thousands, even if you don’t know that it has. When you make something, post it on here. I, for one, will be waitin for you. :3
(Gets inspired by you for something)
Can u make another mystery dungeon like this this was nice to read and exciting
I wish you the best in whatever you will do from here.
Have faith in your abilities and you can do anything bro
I do respect your decision but it was the only thing that maked me happy after school I looked forward to this because lots of things do happen at school like fake friends and bullying
I’m sad you ended it but please make more, they are awesome!
i wanted to know the end tho
can u make another mystery dungeon comic series?
I went by Jason the epic pika he before as a guest comenting long ago, it is sad that this is over, but all good things come to an end
It’s sad
Just the suspense
But we believe that you did the right thing
Just be yourself and be proud of what ever you do
We all love you
We all respect your decision, and we all care about you, so if letting this comic go was the best thing for you, then go for it